Avoid the stupid

The MAGAs are gathering in Washington, and they want red meat.

They want you to come out and scream at them.

They want to get up in your face.

They want to show you that masks are stupid.

They want to scream “Four more years!” and watch you seethe

Their devotion is toward Trump, but their oxygen is shoving it to the libs; is making Democrats cry; is lowering the fight to a dime-high level. It’s not about debate or discourse or moderation. It’s about a fight. A raw, hard-edged, glass-and-guns street fight.







These fools are infecting one another with COVID. These fools are suckers to one of the biggest conmen in American history. These fools aren’t reading legal cases. They’re out for blood, because they’re white and frustrated and easily swayed; they look at people like Barack Obama and Kamala Harris and don’t see the comforting reflection in the mirror. America is more diverse than ever, and these folks want to shove it all back into a bottle and toss it far into the ocean.

Again—do not give this to them.

Tomorrow, let them scream and yell and shout and moan and infect.

Let them stand alongside one another and believe they’re patriotic.

They are small and dumb and slaves to a huckster.

Don’t engage them.

Laugh at them.

From afar.

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