Donald visits (The) Alamo

Donald Trump is visiting Alamo, Texas today.

Not The Alamo, as he certainly thought.


Here’s how this happened:

Trump: “I want to show my supporters the power of revolution.”

Rudy Giuliani: “Easy call—take a visit to the wall., sir”

Trump: “I need more than just the wall. I need something that screams, ‘Fight for Trump! Revolt! Charge ahead!'”

Giuliani: “Oh, this is too easy. Let’s make a visit to The Alamo, sir.”

Trump: “I don’t need to rent a car.”

Giuliani: “No, The Alamo—

Trump: “Fuck Georgia.”

Giuliani: “It’s in Texas, sir.”

Trump: “I knew that.”

Giuliani: “The Battle of the Alamo led to Texans beating back the Mexican Army. The symbolism alone is perfect, sir.”

Trump: “Call me sir.”

Giuliani: “I just did, sir.”

Trump: “This sounds great, Rudy. Let’s go on Tuesday.”

Giuliani: “I’m on it. All we have to do is take Air Force One to Alamo, sir.”

Trump: “The Alamo, or Alamo?”

Giuliani: “I’m pretty sure it’s both, sir. Place and town.”

Trump: “Of cour—wait. Stop. Rudy, stop! You’re tickling Mr. Happy Stick.”

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