Donald Trump wanted to talk terrorism

“I will fight to keep you safe (from brown people only)!”

I was thinking about something.

Really, I was thinking about irony. Missed irony.

Donald Trump was in Texas the other day to discuss “my” wall and terrorism. He was there to brag about all his efforts to keep the bad people out. The rapists. The criminals. The people who want nothing but death, violence and destruction for the United States of America. He wanted people to know that, under his watch, America would be safe. Because he, Donald Trump, was all about making America first.

As this was happening, thousands of white people—white conservative Americans in MAGA hats—are planning attacks. It’s been well documented and explained. There are now 20,000 troops in Washington, protecting the city from yet another crushing wave of white conservative Americans in MAGA hats. Just like the white conservative Americans in MAGA hats who destroyed the Capitol and went room to room, seeking out political figures to batter.

I know people who love Donald Trump, because he pledges to stomp out BLM, to stomp out Antifa. He will do anything and everything (deploy the military, drop the hammer) to make sure these violent actors are out of the picture.

So he went to Mexico to brag about all he’s done.

As our country—inspired by the president and his lies—is about to burn.

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