Lauren Boebert won’t last

I don’t think Lauren Boebert lasts as a congresswoman.

It’s not that she’ll quit and it’s not that she didn’t fairly win an election. She certainly did.

No, she won’t last because she’s sinister.

I don’t say that lightly. There are political figures I like and political figures I dislike. There are political figures I think highly of and others I think little of. Truth be told, I can actually respect (begrudgingly) someone as vile as Mitch McConnell, because for all the bullshit and nastiness and partisan crud, he is (and I hate to admit this) wildly successful.

But Boebert … Boebert is something different.

If you put a gun to my head (which Lauren Boebert would clearly enjoy), I believe she had some prior insights into the Capitol raid. I believe (as is being reported) she gave a tour to people involved. I believe, when she Tweeted that Nancy Pelosi had left the chamber, it was done with evil intent.

Again, she’s sinister.

The thing is, that sorta shit catches up with a person. Lauren Boebert walks with swagger and talks with swagger and acts as if she’s the new sheriff in town. But, truth be told, she seems weird and unhinged in that QAnon-guy-down-the-street-with-the-Trump-on-Rambo’s-body-flag type of way.

If, as I suspect, there’s more to the Capitol raid than we know, I believe she’ll be one of the first to go down.

I will cheer.