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Boycott Coke! Um.

Not sure how many people saw this, but yesterday—after Coca-Cola blasted Georgia’s new election restrictions—Donald Trump joined the chorus of Republicans insisting people boycott Coca-Cola.

Then, today, he posed for the above photo.

Which isn’t a seemingly big deal. There’s the 45th president, sitting behind a desk, hands crossed, newspaper open, Creepy Boy 7 by his side. There’s a Mt. Rushmore image, a bunch of family photos, an award, a box. And, wait, what’s that? That bottle … sticking out from behind the black phone?

You see it, right?

The bottle.

With the red label.

It’s …

Wait, lemme squint …

It’s …

It’s …


It’s a Diet Coke.

And if you’re surprised, well, you shouldn’t be surprised. This is the man who says he loves the troops—but mocks POWs for being captured. This is the man who raves about bravery—but lied about being a 9.11 hero. This is the man who talks about working for the middle class—but creates a fake university to bilk the middle class of their monies. This is a man who doesn’t care about a COVID vaccine—then quietly gets the COVID vaccine.

So don’t be shocked that, one day after calling for a Coke boycott, Donald Trump was drinking a Coke.

It’s who he is.

And, if you still follow him, here’s who you are. Or, really, what you are …

Dumb as fuck.