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Two Writers Slinging Yang is my weekly podcast, featuring a one-on-one conversation with writers of myriad mediums and genres. Why is it called “Two Writers Slinging Yang”? Well, it sorta made me laugh—mixing what should be a pretty solid and dignified conversation between two practitioners of a craft with one of my all-time favorite terms for talking shit. So, yeah.

I started the podcast in 2017 using the now-defunct software. When that went down I switched briefly to Anchor, and now record using ringr. Although the majority of the guests pertain to sports, I want to continue to diversify and branch out.

You can visit my iTunes page for every episode, my Overcast page for every episode, my Google Play page for every episode or click on individual links below.

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Episode 135: David Climer, former Tennessean columnist: On calling for Pat Summitt to step away from the Tennessee women’s program; on the 1996 Olympic bomb.

Episode 134: Leigh Montville, former Boston Globe columnist and SI senior writer: On covering the 1986 World Series; on the death of a famed golfer; on writing a book on Manute Bol.

Episode 133: Brittany Ghiroli, Washington Nationals beat writer, The Athletic: On being hit on by a Major League player; on the boring slog that is the MLB Winter Meetings.

Episode 132: Ryan DuVall, restaurant reviewer for the Journal Gazette in Ft. Wayne, Indiana: On when it’s OK to bash an eatery in a review; of what makes a great meal; on whether Olive Garden is digestible.

Episode 131: Steve Politi, Star-Ledger sports columnist: On starting in the business at age 15; on the story of a high school baseball coach sued by the player he instructed to slide; on 355 Eli Manning-related bylines.

Episode 130: Amber Skye, writer of lesbian erotica: On words like clit and cunt and making them work; on thinking up sex scenes.

Episode 129: Jerry Brewer, Washington Post sports columnist: On watching the winless Dolphins face the winless Redskins; on what makes the best sports writers brilliant.

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