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When Jerks Get Exposed

Mr. October? Try Mr. Asswipe.

Mr. October? Try Mr. Asswipe.

In case you missed the must-read sports piece of the week, here’s the link.

It’s a profile of Lisa Saxon, the longtime sports writer who, as a pioneer for women covering the games, had to endure tons upon tons upon tons upon tons of shit from asshole neanderthal ballplayers.

The worst of whom was one Reginald Martinez Jackson.

Read the piece. Trust me. You’ll seethe, then seethe again. Jackson is, at his best, a piggish dolt. At his worst, he’s a threatening caveman. He went out of his way to bring misery upon a woman merely trying to do her job—and he often succeeded. Again, he’s horrible. Awful. The worst.

And that’s what makes me so happy about the story, written nicely by Jack Ross. It allows readers to finally see what so many inside the game (myself included) have long known. Namely, that Jackson has always been a two-faced fraud. Smiling and polite when need be, but often cruel, belittling, mean.

Perhaps ironically, perhaps not, the Jackson piece appeared on the same day that “State of Affair,” Katherine Heigl’s new TV show, debuted on NBC. Like Jackson, Heigl is a once-bright star whose reputation has been largely destroyed by repeated reports of her ego trumping her talent. Though I’ve never met Heigl, I have a good friend who has worked with her, and calls her—simply—”mean” and “awful.”

Which doesn’t mean her career should end.

It just means, as in the case of Mr. October, I won’t waste time rooting for her.

This, I believe, is a good thing. A good development. A good byproduct of the information age. I like knowing when people are wonderful and kind and huge-hearted. I also like knowing when they’re mean and petty. Yeah, it’s just baseball and just acting.

But, really, it’s not. There’s something to be said for those who treat others with respect and decency. They’re the ones I want to root for and support..