Rick Arzt

If you're a college student ... if you've ever been a college student—odds are Love Seed Mama Jump has appeared at a bar near you. Meet the voice.

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Cameron Mills

When you walk on to the Kentucky basketball team and then contribute to a national title, you can do no wrong in Lexington. This man can do no wrong.

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L.Z. Granderson

He's a gay African-American sportswriter in a nation of, well, one (known) gay African-American sportswriters. He also happens to be a dazzling wordsmith.

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Ashley Poole

Once, long ago, a man named Puff Daddy pieced together an all-girl singing group named Dream. They had a hit. Then the dream ended. Sigh.

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Lindsay McCormick

People dismissed her as blonde TV bimbo. People ripped her for having relations with a certain NFL quarterback. Here, a female sports reporter battles back.

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Sean Salisbury

He was a journeyman NFL quarterback who became a regular on ESPN. Then a whole lot of awful things happened. The sad saga of glory gone bad.

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Jim Abbott

The odds of two-handed college pitchers making the Major Leagues? One in 500,000. The odds of a one-handed pitcher? Zero. Nobody told this guy.

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Gina Girolamo

Rising from the mean streets of Mahopac, N.Y., a TV executive helped develop such hit shows as 30 Rock and My Name is Earl. Where does she go next?

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Scott Jurek

America's greatest ultra-runner discusses the joy of the long run, the hell of the long run and why soda is Satan dressed in a bottle.

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Jack McCallum

There are crap basketball writers, OK basketball writers and great basketball writers. America's best basketball writer talks “Dream Team,” Jordan and Sir Charles.

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Mac Lethal

When a great rapper comes together with great breakfast food, you'll often end up with musical/culinary magic. Enjoy your pancakes, kid ...

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Alison Cimmet

The veteran Broadway actress knows how it feels to lather in the applause and suffer the closing of a show. So what keeps her going in a tough biz?

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Lenny Krayzelburg

The owner of four Olympic gold medals and one of the great backstrokers of all time explains what it's like to swim looking up.

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Rocky Suhayda

I am Jewish. The chairman of the American Nazi Party is not. Which means, although we likely won't be lunching, we can come together for a helluva Quaz.

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Nelson Dellis

Where are your car keys? What was the name of that dude you kissed? Who's the drummer for White Lion? The U.S. memory champ says it's all (re)memorable.

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Cord McCoy

A childhood rodeo star from Tupelo, Oklahoma, this authentic bagel-eating cowboy has gone on to see the world—on a bull and on the Amazing Race.

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Linda Ensor

The former newspaper editor is a Tea Party activist who hates Barack Obama and considers climate change a sham. Otherwise, we agree on everything.

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Shawn Green

The world doesn't produce many millionaire Jewish power hitters with five tools. But, when it does, it makes them soar.

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Liz Scott

When her daughter died from neuroblastoma, it would have been easy to give up on the world. Instead, this woman started Alex's Lemonade Stand—a great charity.

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Wayne Wilentz

Back in the 1970s, he was the white keyboardist in the famous black soul group, Skyy. Which led to more than a few sideways looks—and a blissful career in music.

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Bev Oden

One of the greatest volleyball players in American history wrestles with a sport she both loves and (on occasion) loathes. An athlete's dilemma.

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John Oates

Great guitarist, great singer, awesome mustache. But the low-key member of Hall & Oates has much to say about the duo's music and success.

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Nathan Osmond

The nephew of Donnie and Marie Osmond and the son of Alan Osmond stakes his claim as his famous family's country song-singing standard bearer.

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Dawn Neufeld

She was a cast member of the short-lived VH1 series, Football Wives. But, away from the camera, life alongside a retired athlete ain't glamorous or easy.

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Marty Appel

The former New York Yankees PR director talks about writing, baseball and life inside the Bronx Zoo—from Reggie and George to Billy and Thurman.

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Shannon Bex

The Danity Kane singer once crooned, “All the boys tryin' taste our candy ride.” Which leads to an interesting question: What the hell does that even mean?

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Brandon Steiner

Some say the nation's leading memorabilia dealer would sell shards of Derek Jeter's feces for a buck. Others maintain he's providing a public service.

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Daniel Okrent

He's written some of the best copy of the last 50 years and was nominated for a Pulitzer. Once a guy creates fantasy baseball, though, what else matters?

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John Wesley Harding

The British singer/songwriter and novelist has excelled in multiple mediums by taking a quirky world view and giving it voice. The result: Greatness.

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Lisa Edwards

Your dog poops on the floor. Your dog pees on the plants. Your dog barks at the mailman. Let one of the nation's top positive reinforcement dog trainers help.

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Drew Magary

Anyone who writes of Justin Bieber, "His flow is slower than prostate cancer" ... can't be all bad. The Deadspin pen wizard talks journalism, sports and weight.

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Steve James

His first film was “Stop Substance Abuse in 1986.” Somehow, he survived to direct two all-time classics, Hoop Dreams and Stevie. A movie maker steps forward.

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Dmitriy Salita

You're Jewish. You're a professional boxer. You're ... wait. Wait a second. You're Jewish ... and a professional boxer? In this case, a man from Brooklyn excels.

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MC White Owl

He was once the lead rapper of Bad Ronald, a hip-hop group receiving major MTV airplay. Then their debut album came out—on September 11, 2001. Oy.

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Fred Claire

The former Los Angeles Dodgers general manager brought Kirk Gibson to California (good) and traded away Pedro Martinez (bad). Life as a baseball executive.

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Adam Schefter

ESPN's NFL Insider lives and dies with reporting the inner workings of professional football. What life is like for a man who—long ago—just wanted to write.

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Doug Glanville

A former Major League outfielder (and University of Pennsylvania graduate) takes his intellectual approach to the game to ESPN—and does wonders.

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C.J. Nitkowski

Pick a country—any country—and this longtime Major League reliever has surely pitched there. From highly touted draft pick to journeyman, here's the riveting saga.

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Dirk Hayhurst

Though never much of a Major League pitcher, The Garfoose emerged as his generation's Jim Bouton by offering fans an inside glance at the clubhouse.

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Paul Ercolino

His brother was shot and killed by a deranged former co-worker outside the Empire State Building. Don't tell this man that gun control doesn't matter.

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John Backderf

Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood pal not only became an award-winning cartoonist, but wrote a 224-page book, "My Friend Dahmer." Ummmmmm ...

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Ryan Semple

Few things are more joyful than being a two-time Olympic skier. Few things are more difficult than deciding it's time to become a former two-time Olympic skier.

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Eric Hutchinson

In an era where too many radio stations are overwhelmed by manufactured, paint-by-number pop bullshit, a craftsman brings forth a spectacular brand of music.

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Ron Shaich

Panera's founder and executive chairman of the board talks bread, bread bowls, bread spoons—all things bread. And why it's OK to snag multiple drink refills.

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Amy Freeze

No, she didn't create her last name. The ABC meteorologist knows the weather better than you know your name. Which leads to a lot of questions about rain.

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Brittanie Weaver

A superstar model explains the runway, the bikini and the "I want to have sex on the table with you right now" look that drives men crazy (and makes women laugh).

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Tatiana Thumbtzen

The female star of Michael Jackson's video for "The Way You Make Me Feel" says she understood the pop icon like few others. Which doesn't mean she did.

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Alexcia James

The reigning Miss Black Iowa talks about why, in fact, we have a Miss Black Iowa; what it's like waving and smiling from a float and whether pageants should exist.

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Jenn Sterger

You first knew her as the Florida State cutie in the cowboy hat. Then you read about her encounter with Brett Favre. Behind the ridiculousness, an actress wants a shot.

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Tom Verducci

America's best baseball writer routinely gets the stories others only dream of. How a quiet kid from New Jersey emerged as a Sports Illustrated superstar.

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Jim Colletto

He was a coach with the Ravens when they reached the Super Bowl. He was a coach with Purdue when the team won one game. The ups and downs of a grid life.

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Pete Babcock

The former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks was forced to trade Steve Smith (Goodness) for J.R. Rider (Satan's spawn). Who says life in The League is easy?

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Bruce Kulick

No, he didn't wear makeup. Or spit blood. Or light his instrument aflame. But the longtime KISS guitarist has a story to tell about music, showmanship and life.

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Wendel Meldrum

She was the silent talker on Seinfeld. She was "Miss White" on The Wonder Years. Even if you don't recognize this actress' name, you know this actress.

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Dirk Blocker

He played an illiterate mountain boy on Little House on the Prairie. His father starred as "Hoss Cartwright" on Bonanza. Welcome to the wacky world of acting.

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Nearly two decades ago, his song, "I Wish" was everywhere—absolutely everywhere. Then this rapper vanished into one-hit-wonder abyss. What the heck happened?

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Katie Hnida

The first woman to score in a Division I football game overcame ridicule and a sexual assault at the hands of a teammate to become a beacon of courage.

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Kevin Mench

Once a Blue Hen, the former Texas Rangers slugger talks PEDs, deep home runs and why the state of Delaware is (really!) a place worth visiting.

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Adrian Dessi

Courage isn't hitting a game-winning home run. Courage isn't acting on a Broadway stage. Courage is being diagnosed with ALS, then telling the disease to go fuck itself.

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