Erin Cronican

She has appeared in myriad films, plays and TV programs, ranging from One Life to Live to Veronica Mars. And, best of all, if you can't act—she'll show you how.

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Steve Trachsel

He was known as "The Human Rain Delay" for taking forever to throw a pitch. He was known for surrendering Mark McGwire's 62nd home run. He was known.

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Ellis Valentine

The former Montreal Expo had, arguably, the strongest throwing arm of all time. Behind the fame and All-Star games, insecurity and addiction loomed.

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Lynn Riordan

Four years ago her son was killed in a car accident. She grieved and grieved some more. Then she took action to prevent the same thing from happening to others.

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Mike Zwiener

Once upon a time, the producers of "Little Giants" needed a chunky, funny kid to play, well, a chunky, funny kid. Two decades later, and far removed from acting, the FedEx Freight supervisor reflects on an oddly lived youth.

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Laura Emberton Owens

A faded signature on the inside cover of a used dictionary turns up the former Kentucky Secretary of Education. Clearly, reading pays off in the long run.

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Jonatha Brooke

Anyone who has the guts to cover the Alan Parsons Project's "Eye In the Sky" can't be too bad. This supreme singer/songwriter explains the thinking behind the music.

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John Lunness

As a boy, he was sexually abused by a priest. Now, in an astonishing (miraculous?) turn of events, he is a priest. The improbable saga of a man and his profound faith.

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Brooke Bennett

The three-time Olympic gold medalist has spent as much time in the water as she has out of it. But what happens when one accomplishes a lifelong dream? She dives back in.

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Bonnie Bernstein

In the modern era of nonsense sports television, where perky blondes with IQs of 23 roam the sidelines while winking and flipping back their hair, a true great of the profession steps forward and tells us how it's really...

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Sarah Spain

How a woman who once auctioned herself off on eBay for Super Bowl tickets emerged from obscurity to become a rising ESPN star. Only in Chicago.

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Brad Mangin

Bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Bases loaded. Down by three. A Major League slugger lives for the moment. So does America's best baseball photographer.

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Pete Babcock

The former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks was forced to trade Steve Smith (Goodness) for J.R. Rider (Satan's spawn). Who says life in The League is easy?

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Rachel Miller

You've never heard of Rachel Miller. But with a powerful voice and a determination to succeed, don't expect the 17-year old to be spending much more time in the local Knights of Columbus Hall.

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Brittany Jenell

Have you ever dreamed of cheering on the Detroit Lions? Standing alongside a sideline, screaming over the explots of Matthew Stafford? Eh, me neither. But this Detroit Pride member makes it sound awesome.

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Jim Fischer

My former cross country coach at the University of Delaware gave nearly three decades to the college. Then he was ruthlessly dumped. A story of love and greed.

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John Miele

Flying dwarfs? Metal chairs slamming into skulls? Vixen managers? Feuds over money and lust and cabbage? All in a day's work for the wrestling show promoter.

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Trey Wingo

His father was a founding editor of People Magazine. His name is funkadelic cool. How a kid from the mean streets of Connecticut emerged as an ESPN superstar.

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Daymond John

You've worn his clothes, you've watched him on TV. But how does a kid from Hollis, Queens become the founder and CEO of FUBU, then go on to star on Shark Tank? The secrets of a business genius.

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Samantha King

Meet the author who exposed everyone's favorite charity, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, as a misguided, greedy sham more dedicated to PR and buckets of chicken than battling breast cancer.

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Kay Hanley

The former Letters to Cleo singer talks about life in the spotlight, life in recovery and life as the musical force behind ... Doc McStuffins? Behold the long, strange musical journey of a Red Sox fan.

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Ron Kittle

He broke his neck in his first-ever professional baseball game—then spent the ensuing decade breaking walls and windows with 400-foot homers. So what does a slugger do after baseball? He makes benches, of course.

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Erin Stern

Is Tim Tebow the most athletic Florida Gator? No. Is Shawn Green the most accomplished Jewish jock? Hardly. Meet Erin Stern, the reigning Ms. Figure Olympia and a woman who would pummel Arnold in an arm wrestle.

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John Degl

My former childhood tormentor talks about his time as a bully—and his emergence as a wrestling star at the University of Iowa and, now, a coach.

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Bowen Kerins

It's not every day you interview one of the world's top pinball players. It's not every day you interview one of the world's top pinball players, who also writes math books.

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Marcia Herold

From cheesy pickup lines and vomit-soaked tables to love and hate and alcoholism, this New York City bartender has seen and heard and served it all. Pay close attention—and tip well.

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Angelo Merendino

What does a photographer do when the love of his world faces terminal cancer? In this case, he chronicles the journey—then turns the finished product into a haunting, beautiful piece of art that tributes her life.

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Lenny Marcus

A veteran of the thankless, off-brutal standup comedy circuit talks about the weird jump from doing David Letterman one night to working a cruise ship the next.

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June Beck

What's a woman to do when she's borderline obsessed with a long-ago retired actress from another era? What else—create a magazine in her honor.

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Chuck Culpepper

Meet the writer I aspire to be. First, he's an amazing wordsmith—his work for Sports On Earth is must-read material. Second, he lives life with an uncommon vigor and passion.

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Tyler Kepner

Before he emerged as one of the best baseball writers in the nation, this New York Times veteran was a snot-nosed kid, begging the likes of Pat Combs for interviews. The results speak for themselves.

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Quadeer Shakur

What happens after a man writes and produces the two biggest hits of Mark Wahlberg's hip-hop career? What else—he becomes the minister of information for Zulu Nation. Long live Marky Mark ...

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Michael Eisenstein

Melissa Etheridge's lead guitarist talks riffs, ska, Reigning Monarchs, Letters to Cleo and, from Boston to Los Angeles, a lifetime of sweet music.

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Malcolm Hillgartner

If you've listened to an audio book over the past decade, odds are you've heard this man's soothing, enrapturing voice.

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Bonnie Hutton

There is only one person I know who wants to compete in the Mongol Derby, a 1,000 kilometer horse race across the wilderness of the Mongolian steppe. Come, meet her ...

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Melissa Stockwell

In sports, everyone who gains a yard or hits a homer is deemed a hero. Want a real hero? How about an Army veteran who lost half her leg in Baghdad—then emerged as an elite paratriathlete? Meet a miracle.

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Todd Parr

What happens when a one-time flight attendant with no publishing ties decides he wants to write children's books? Well, he sells millions upon millions of copies and becomes one of America's most prolific scribes.

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James Blake

The longtime tennis star—and Jonathan Mayer childhood pal—adjusts to life as a sports retiree. No more sleepless nights worrying about Federer.

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Rudy May

He pitched in the era of high socks and fluffy sideburns. He also threw the nastiest curveball many had ever witnessed. A Yankee's journey.

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Brian Vander Ark

The lead singer of The Verve ... no, wait, The Verve Pipe talks hit singles and opening for KISS; playing private parties and finding love in the simple pleasure of music.

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Jeff Pearlman

We share a pretty boring name, we share being New York Jews with cool wives. But this veteran musician has a ponytail ... and talent.

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Michelle Beadle

The SportsNation star explains how an introverted aspiring lawyer goes from (temporary) University of Texas dropout to ESPN supernova ...

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Pierre Walters

You're a small-school nobody suddenly living the dream as a Kansas City Chiefs linebacker. Then, one day, you can't poop—and your career comes crashing down.

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Bubba Sparxxx

The highs of a single that sells 3 million copies. The lows of addiction. A hip-hop visionary explores the love of music and the perils of fame.

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Wanda Juzang Cooper

People always marvel at our athletic superstars. But what about the women behind the celebrities? A veteran of the Showtime Laker turf steps forward.

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Conroe Brooks

He should have dominated Happy Days: The Musical. Instead, this singer/actor has earned his stripes as the world's king of flash mobs.

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Tom Holt

Black smoke tearing up the instrument panel? Ho-hum. This former Delta pilot has seen worse. Stories from 30,000 feet above ...

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Amy Fabry

She knows the teachers. She wipes noses. She cooks dinner, takes the kids to soccer practice, stumbles over their math homework. Meet the 2014 stay-at-home mom.

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Tova Mirvis

She spent most of her life as an Orthodox Jew. Then she decided to leave. The gutsy best-selling novelist talks of renewal, loneliness ... and Celine Dion.

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Sydney Screams

She graduated from college. She works a day job. She's your neighbor. Your pal. She's also—shhh—a full-figured fetish pro. Let the fascination begin ...

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Dave Zirin

Many sports reporters feed on access and the free press box buffet. This one does not. Meet a journalist unafraid to tackle big issues—ferociously.

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Bob Ley

ESPN's longtime rock and ultimate professional explains why a life talking sports on TV beats a life not talking sports on TV.

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Peter Vecsey

He's one of the most influential, important (and oft-reviled) NBA writers of the past 50 years. But what happens when the writing stops and the games continue?

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Ross Newhan

A Hall of Fame baseball writer explains Tommy Lasorda, debates the future of newspapers and pines for the amazing Jim Murray and his L.A. Times magic.

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Louis Campbell

His beloved son Ty died at age 5, and now this chiropractor and his family devote their lives to keeping a memory alive—and funding pediatric cancer research.

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Tracy Reiner

Penny Marshall's daughter. Betty Spaghetti in "A League of Their Own." Mary Haise in "Apollo 13." Mother of five. What doesn't this Hollywood veteran do?

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Austin Winsberg

Where does life go after you've been canned from Punky Brewster? For this TV scribe and playwright, the answer is ... Hollywood and Broadway.

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