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The Quaz


Wendy Hagen

The first-ever Quaz features a woman who starred as Kevin Arnold's girlfriend, who cheered at UCLA and who lives a life worth emulating.

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Don McPherson

The former Heisman Trophy contender spent a few years in the NFL, but earned his stripes by speaking out on issues of ... feminism? A real man stands up.

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Karl Mecklenburg

The 310th overall pick in the 1983 NFL Draft emerged from the abyss of nowhere to become an NFL Pro Bowler and one of the all-time great Broncos. How in the world did this happen?

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Michael Shermer

The founder of Skeptic Magazine devotes his life to looking at the world with a crooked view. He may well be on to something.

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Chris Burgess

The former Duke and Utah basketball standout reflects on a career that took him to all corners of the world—save for the NBA. The journey, he says, is far more valuable than the statistics.

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Frank Zaccheo

My high school friend has faced Multiple Sclerosis with courage and grace. This is his remarkable story. One that's inspired me.

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Phil Nevin

He was a Major League slugger who rose from disappointment to superstar. Now he's back in the minors, working his way up as a manager. It ain't easy.

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Kathy Wagner

Remember Lisa Berlini from The Wonder Years? Well, she's all grown up and still acting. Meet the only person to appear in both Iron Eagle and Poltergeist II.

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Chris Jones

There are good writers. There are great writers. And then there's this guy—arguably the top sports feature writer in America. Here's how it happened.

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Tommy Shaw

The legendary Styx guitarist explains his rise from Birmingham, Alabama to one of rock's biggest groups.

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Geoff Rodkey

His film credits include such films as Daddy Day Care, RV and The Shaggy Dog. But what does a movie guy do when he longs for a different journey? He writes.

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Jemele Hill

The ESPN on-air personality has emerged from print (and a crowded field) to become one of the biggest stars of sports television. Here's how she did it.

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Travis Warren

Back in the mid-1990s, Blind Melon was a huge group. Then Shannon Hoon, the lead singer, died—as did the band. Now Melon has returned, with a new front-man.

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Cindi Avila

This former contestant on the Food Network's Chopped is one of the nation's best-know vegetarian chefs. No meat allowed.

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Russ Ortiz

The longtime San Francisco Giants right-hander explains what it's like to team with Barry Bonds, what it feels like to play in a World Series and how he hung up his mitt.

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Meeno Peluce

Three decades back, he played a bookish kid alongside Jon-Erik Hexum on Voyagers! Now, Punky Brewster's real-life brother is a celebrity photographer.

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Drew Snyder

Proving devout Christianity doesn't equal stubborn adherence to dogma, this minister believes in God, Jesus, love—and the Cincinnati Reds.

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Scott Barnhardt

You're an actor trying to make it on Broadway. Then you're hired to star in The Book of Mormon. Two words: Life. Changer.

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The Quaz Breakdown

J.D. Scholten

He went 5-2 pitching for the 2004 Sioux City Explorers, then 14 years later nearly upset the racist, xenophobic Steve King in a race for one of Iowa's congressional seats. So how do the Democrats win the White House...

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Britni de la Cretaz

This former social worker made the unorthodox career leap toward journalism, then devoted herself to examining the intersection of sports and gender. The result: One of America's most fascinating scribes.

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Sammy Burke

I was attending a Blind Melon concert a few months ago. There was an opening act—the John McCloy Band. I wondered what it's like to be a seasoned bass player/math teacher jamming away in a small Southern California club....

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Rich O’Malley

His goal was to attend a game at every Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League and National Basketball Association stadium—then chronicle the experience. Thanks to heart, grit, drive and Poke Nachos, the mission was accomplished.

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Barry Pollock

This reenactment fighter dons 40 pounds of armor made from leather and steel, then kicks ass on the battlefield. Just please don't compare him to Paul Rudd in "Role Models."

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Dave Tollefson

The two-time Super Bowl champion went from Home Depot and Division II football to twice toppling Ton Brady on the NFL's biggest stage. He also was teammates with Omar Gaither—and they can't take that away from him.

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Paul Sedacca

The world's greatest Newark, Del.-based Flamenco guitarist (with a love of banjo, Kiss and the Stone Balloon) collaborates with his wife to bring music to the people. Which helps explain why he always seems so damn happy.

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Kaira Rouda

While this prolific best-selling author is married to a United States congressman, she spends much of her time speaking with Jane, David, Betsy and the other characters who fill her pages—and her mind.

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