The saddest thing in life …

… just might be an un-updated celebrity website. It’s the sign of a true has-been. It’s even worse than not having a website, because basically you’re saying, “Yeah, I exist. But I’ve really got nothing going on in my life.”

I bring this up because, way back in the summer of 1994, my first story for The (Nashville) Tennessean was a profile of Daron Norwood, supposedly the next big thing in country music. I spent a day following Norwood around at an enormous country event called Fan Fair (since renamed), and he was, put simply, The Man. Knew he was about to enter Garth Brooks territory, so he flashed that big ol’ country smile and signed one autograph after another.


According to Wikipedia, Norwood had a couple of minor hits, and was arrested for beating his wife. When I went to his official site, I thought, “Well, at least he has one.” Then I noticed the update date: May 2, 2007. Even worse is his last posting in the NEWS section:

November 10, 2005

My big accomplishment recently: I’ve gotten the fan posting board up and running so check it out!
Tonight I was doing a web search for Daron to see what things I could find that I hadn’t already seen and I came across a couple interesting things. The first thing is a “jingle” for American LubeFast. Daron sings it so of course I just had to hear it right away! It’s a full 60 seconds long and the company has it available for download on their site. I actually like it, even if it is just a commercial, but hey, Daron could probably sing the ABCs and I’d like it!
The second thing I found is an album released last year that I’d never even heard of called America Will Always Stand. Daron has a song on it called “God And General Lee.” Amazon has song clips available to preview the album, so if you haven’t heard this yet make sure to check it out! It sounds like it’s a great song and I can’t wait to get the album asap.
Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I will have some
very interesting news to share, so make sure to keep checking here for updates. Things could be very busy soon!

Bad news, old friend. If things aren’t busy by now, well, don’t expect an invite to the CMAs.

On the bright side, Norwood could have it much worse—he could be New EditionDaron Norwood, which hasn’t updated its site in (egad) four years. You’d think a group with Bobby Brown would have something to say.

Oh, well. There’s always Justin Guarini to mock …