Boys Will Be Boys

The Glory Days and
Party Nights of the
Dallas Cowboys Dynasty

Such a gifted storyteller is Pearlman that, at the end of
"Boys Will Be Boys," the reader is left marveling ...

After the disappointment of Love Me, Hate Me, I needed a commercial and emotional pick me up. I found that with Boys Will Be Boys.

I still remember the day: I was walking away from a Barnes & Noble in Dallas, where my book talk drew, oh, 40 people. It was a tiny bit depressing, and then my phone rang. It was my agent. “Guess what, motherfucker!” he screamed. “You’re No. 6 on the New York Times list!”

Holy crap! Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy crap!

One of the highest moments of my career.

Boys Will Be Boys was an absolute blast to research and write, because the names were so huge (Aikman! Emmitt! Irvin! Jimmy Johnson! Jerry Jones!) and the characters so rich. Throughout my career, I’ve always been a fan of chasing down the little-known stories and making them big, and Boys Will Be Boys was wonderful for this. I’ll never forget meeting Clayton Holmes, the former cornerback, who sat with me in the tiny wood shack he called home. It was located in his mother’s front yard in Florence, S.C., and lacked running water and electricity. I’ll also never forget Robert Jones, the former linebacker. I sat with Robert in an Austin Cheesecake Factory, and he told me about being a small child, and his father murdering his mother. He was crying, I was almost crying… painfully emotional.

Painfully gripping.

I wanted to break from my political spewings to (gasp!) make a book point.

I checked Amazon this morning to see “Boys Will Be Boys” ranked No. 305. This is the lowest I’ve been in about two months; the first time I haven’t been Amazon’s No. 1 sports book for more than six weeks. In short, the shocking run I’ve been on is coming to an end (actually, it’s pretty much over) and I just wanted to thank everyone for the incredible support and encouragement. “Boys Will Be Boys” has been on the New York Times’ best-sellers list for six weeks—peaking at No. 7 when it first came out. I’ve sold more than 32,000 copies thus far, nearly doubling the total from my last release, “Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds & and Making of an Antihero.”

I’ve touched on this before, but I can’t accurately describe the depression that accompanied my last book experience. You work and work for 2 1/2 years—then your biography comes out two weeks after another book on the exact same subject (the excellent “Game of Shadows). I was, in all honesty, crushed, and questioned whether this was a profession I could continue to pursue.

Hence, the success of “Boys Will Be Boys” is blissfully reassuring. So for all the purchases, the kind words, the showing up at my (sorta lame) talks/signings, the e-mails, the Facebook and MySpace messages—thank you, thank you, thank you. And a sincere nod of appreciation to my Republican friends who continue to support my career even as I callously blister your candidate. I am in your debt …

(PS: And, as proof that any fool can write a book, it took me three times to write THANKS backward on a napkin)