Color Me Badd: The second book giveaway!!!!

I admit it. I’m sitting in the Eastchester, N.Y. Borders listening to Color Me Badd’s “I Adore Mi Amor.” I liked the song when it came out in the 1990s, I like it now. So, shoot me (well, don’t literally shoot me. But laughing at my pathetic taste in music seems pretty fair).

Anyhow, I’m going to hold my second book giveaway—the winner gets a free copy of my Barry Bonds biography, “Love Me, Hate Me,” which will reduce my basement supply to a svelte 194 books. I’ll autograph it, if you’d like (thus reducing the book’s value from 49 cents to -49 cents). I want to know what your guilty musical pleasures are. It can be a song, an album—or both. The worst of the worst wins the book.

Here, for the record, are my five:

1. Color Me Badd, “I Adore Mi Amor.”

2. Absolutely anything by Wilson Phillips, but especially this John Lennon-esque classic.

3. The new New Kids on the Block single, “Summertime,” which is catchy and actually being played on Z100.

4. Dennis DeYoung’s solo material, as well as this absolutely pathetic video.

5. Indigo Girls’ remake of “Romeo and Juliet.”

Whoa—even reading those makes me think, “What a friggin’ wuss.” Now see if you can beat me …

16 thoughts on “Color Me Badd: The second book giveaway!!!!”

  1. That photo is going to give me nightmares for the forseeable future.

    I can’t say I ever listen to it on purpose (or even hear it on accident), but I do occasionally still think fondly of Nelson’s “After The Rain.”


  2. I have no idea where it started, but when I was about 12 years old I started getting into Amy Grant. I don’t really know how it started, I’m pretty sure we had a copy of the Amy Grant Christmas album laying around that my family would listen to at Christmas, and I guess from there it just snowballed. Amy Grant wasn’t the only music artist that I got into; being a 16 year old boy I naturally listened to Pink Floyd, Boston, Journey, and every other classic rock staple. Even as I broadened my horizons I kept Amy close at hand, and only in the company of myself, I would dig out those Amy Grant cd’s I secretly purchased and happily listened to my favorite music that I hated myself for loving.

  3. The sad thing is the following sings i dont even think they are bad, i just for some reason wont listen to them in public. I dont know why but here it goes.

    1) Ice Ice Baby

    2) You Cant Touch this

    3)Marc Anthony – I need to know
    this is one my favorite guilty pleasure, it started in High School, i used to have this crush on a girl and i would play this in my room, thinking, maybe i could make her a mixtape with this song and she could maybe like me 2. Yea i was a loser in HS,lol. Although i still listen to it, I got issues. But then again so does everybody else that posted. Summertime?? really Jeff, thats just sad,lol.

  4. Oh i got two more, but i am not even ashamed of these two, i will listen to these proudly. But they are still kinda lame.

    4)Here comes the hotstepper – Ini Kamoze

    5) Informer – Snow

    If anyone says they didnt like these back in the day and still dont, and are just lying. lol.

  5. I still like to crank up the groundbreaking album by Europe, “The Final Countdown”.

    Not only is “The Final Countdown” and awesomely cheesy song to play in the intermission before a hockey overtime, but “Carrie”, “Cherokee”, and “Danger on the Track” totally rule.

    Excuse me, now I must get my parachute pants out of the dryer.

  6. 1.) Hanson- MMM Bop

    Yes, I enjoy the music stylings of 3 long, blonde-haired teenage boys who pen lyrics that make absolutely no sense, but are probably about chewing bubble gum and rollerblading or something.

    2.) Michelle Branch – All you wanted

    For me this is the “let your hair blow in the wind while driving your convertible, totally girly style” song. Then when someone pulls up next to you at a red light you turn it down and pretend you weren’t singing at the top of your lungs.

  7. also, KC and JoJo – all my life

    It was the ultimate awkward slow dance song in junior high and has aged like a fine wine.

    the links to all 3:

  8. Am I too late?

    Despite being a kickass cutting edge DJ at my college station for four years (WAMH 1977-1981) I am probably best known for breaking the awesome Sheena Easton single “Morning Train” and playing it endlessly for several weeks.

    At our college reunion, people told me they still think of me when they hear THAT song.

    Do I win/lose?

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