The grossest thing ever (this week)

Just took my dog Norma for a walk before bed. When we got back inside, she vomited under the kitchen table. As I ran to grab a paper towel, Norma began slurping up her own vomit. At first I was repulsed—until I realized I wouldn’t have to clean it up myself.

Having a dog is disgusting. In Norma’s honor, the Top 5 most disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed:

1. Then-Mariners manager Lou Piniella smoking a cigarette, eating a hoagie, urinating and speaking with me during an interview.

2. Richie Sexson, then an Indians rookie, jingling his balls with his right hand seconds before reaching out to shake my hand.

3. Nate Newton trying to fit into a Starbucks seat in Dallas.

4. My late Grandpa Nat drinking a bowl of soup.

5. My dog drinking her vomit.

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