Rudolph Giuliani

On the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001, I was driving through Manhattan with three co-workers. As we approached a street corner, we noticed a handful of people looking toward the sky. When we reached them, we all looked up and saw an enormous burning hole on the side of one of the Twin Towers. The rest of that week … month was a nightmare unlike any I’ve ever experienced. From our apartment in Union Square, the wife and I could smell the burning rubble oozing through our window. There were pictures of the deceased hanging throughout the city—harsh, needed, painful reminders of the worst day ever. I can’t overstate how horrible it was. People throughout the country say, “We all suffered,” and I’m not sure they truly understand—to be a New Yorker during 9.11 was to live the ultimate horror. The ultimate.

I bring this up because I am watching Rudy Giuliani speak at the Republican National Convention, and I want him dead. No, not really dead. Just shipped to a place far, far, far away, where I’ll never have to see his face or hear his voice again.

I hate Giuliani. Loathe him. Despise him. It has nothing to do with his record as mayor of New York (mediocre, at best), and everything—absolutely everything—to do with his post-9.11 existence, as he’s milked that nightmare time after time after time after time. He talked 9.11 here, 9.11 there, 9.11 up, 9.11 down. 9.11 everything. And now, hearing him speak, I detest him more than ever.


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  1. True, Jeff…true…

    Biden said it best (you MUST see thjis if you haven’t already…singlehandedly the best dismissal of Rudy I’ve ever seen)

  2. I like Rudy and probably always will. I’m just old enough to remember when you couldn’t walk through NY City without stepping over homeless people, when Times Square was a mess of xxx theaters and grime. Guiliani changed that. He’s a New Yorker, through and through, and I dig that about him. I like him because I take him for what he is, a militant son of a bitch who listens to no one and doesn’t give a shit about anything but what’s in front of him. It’s what made him a great mayor (in his first term) and what made him effective after 9/11. It’s also what would make him an absolutely atrocious president. He would seriously have made Bush look like FDR. His 9/11 references are now so overplayed that it’s laughable and he will probably fade quickly from the national stage. But because of the way he cleaned up NY, I’ll always have a soft spot for Rudy.
    By the way, I disagreed with his speech but thought it was funny, sharp and effective. But Jeff, isn’t it a bit ironic that RUDY GUILIANI was the one calling Obama “cosmopolitan” and basically making fun of him for being a city guy? Rudy Guiliani? Really?
    Rudy’s legacy in my own mind will be of a great mayor (again, in his first term), a good but overrated leader after a national tragedy, and then of a guy who used all that to try to propel himself to a position he never deserved, would have fucked up, and could never have won in the first place.

  3. I hear ya on Rudy.
    He did great things for the city after 9/11..and his efforts were even more paramount b/c our Govenor looked like a deer in head lights…
    Yes he cleaned up NY and was a tough prosecutor. However no one seems to remember that Most People on Sept 10th could NOT WAIT for him to leave office..he was despised by the people of NYC.
    As we approach the 7 yr Anniversary of 9/11 I too am tired of him speaking about the great things he did in the weeks that followed… I’d much prefer him speak of the real heroes of that Tragedy… but then He’s a Politician… & by the way his Speech was Pathetic!!!

  4. The best SNL ever was after 911 when Rudy came on with a full stage of heroes and said it was time to laugh again and also, visit the city. I booked my tickets the next day for thanksgiving that year. I’ve never lived in NY, but have been a frequent tourist for over 25 years- except i took a break when Dinkins was mayor. The city was full of thugs, homeless and graffiti.
    Complain all you want, but without Rudy G, New York City would’ve turned into New Orleans after Katrina.

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