Emmitt Smith takes a weak cheap shot, Part II

Here’s the video of Emmitt smacking me down. (Oddly, someone posted it on YouTube). Have received tons of calls asking, “What was Emmitt Smith doing?” which I sort of dig. I’m not mad anymore; find it amusing. But it was an interesting day. (Boy, I hate my shirt)

Final thought: I actually find Emmitt likable, and I harbor zero anger toward the man. But that was weak.

9 thoughts on “Emmitt Smith takes a weak cheap shot, Part II”

  1. Jeff, I can not wait to read this book. I waited a year to read “Love Me, Hate Me” because I had my fill of Barry Bonds but after reading it I wished I had read it sooner. I am not going to make that mistake with this book.

    Your blog is great and I appreciate your overall attitude towards the Internet and find it refreshing.

    Probably the reason Emmitt’s comment was weak is because if his analyst skills were comparable to his football skills then he would have had a career like Blair Thomas and not have been the all time rushing leader.

  2. Emmitt’s blood seemed to be boiling as the interview went on and his parting shot was low rent.
    If he’s offended that someone would imply that the Boys are a potential suitor for Vick he needs to take that up with Jerry.

  3. Speaking of cheap shots, didn’t you refer to Emmitt as “perhaps the worst televised football analyst in the history of the world.” hmmmmm that sounds like a cheap shot to me…

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