A nice moment

Was reading Bill Simmons’ column from today. Stumbled upon this:

Last word: I’m only 150 pages into “Boys Will Be Boys,” Jeff Pearlman’s thoroughly enjoyable opus about the 1990s Dallas Cowboys (incredible that nobody tackled this subject yet), but you need to purchase it right now just for the extended section about Charles Haley and his penis. I’m not kidding. Go buy it right now. Just do it. Buy the book right now. Spend the 17 bucks and buy it. Just buy it. I would never steer you wrong on a book. I predict that more than 200,000 fantasy-team names will involve the words “Charles” “Haley” and “Penis” next season.

Bill’s been very kind in his praise over the years—is always appreciated. Plus, he’s read by a gajillion people. Doesn’t hurt.

Also had this piece appear today.

Four days until liftoff …