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Tonight the wife and I went to the wedding of two former Sports Illustrated colleagues. Was at the Yale Club in NYC—great place, great wedding, beautiful bride, great cupcakes. Got me thinking about the most memorable wedding moment (not including mine) that I’ve ever experienced.
I was 23-years old, dating my longtime girlfriend and attending the wedding of one of her cousins. We were sitting at our table, eating the rubber chicken, when a man (he was a cop, I recall) and a woman (she was pretty nasty, I recall) literally began to dry hump on the dance floor. It was sort of like watching two cars crash—hard to witness, but equally engrossing and fascinating. I just remember sitting there, munching on poultry, thinking, “This will scar me for decades.”
And here I am, 13 years later, scarred.
Just thought I’d share …