Dallas bound

Tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock I board an American Airlines flight to Dallas for three days of nonstop promoting. Oy.

I’m excited. Really, I’m excited. But I’m also a tad nervous. Tonight I spoke with a man who (out of respect, he will remain nameless) accused me of quoting him inaccurately. I immediately checked my interview sheet from our talk and feel secure and confident in what I wrote. And yet, this is the sort of stuff that comes with book writing, and it’s rarely fun. Angry people express their anger. Violent people express their violence. I’m beginning to get word from an increasing number of Cowboys, few of whom seem thrilled by their portrayals. Naturally, I understand this—the book ain’t across-the-board flattering. But I also hope a certain perspective is maintained: The stuff I wrote came from actual sources, not from random thoughts in my head. If a player is said to be a jerk or an excessive partier or a playa, well, it ain’t coming from me. I’m the messenger.

Anyhow, Dallas should be interesting. Three signings, a ton of TV and radio. Some will love, some will listen, some will hate.

I just hope the hate comes in 5-foot-7, 150-pound packages.


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  1. Stick to your guns Jeff, people love to tell funny stories about themselves and teammates until they feel the repercussions. As long as you are at peace with the information you wrote, thats all that matters. Good luck in big D. On the bad side, I have visited three bookstores in North Carolina and can’t find the book, hopefully I can track it down before I travel for business this weekend!

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