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After having a lengthy Facebook dialogue with one of my old high school classmates, I decided to break out the old yearbook and relive some pimply days from my youth. I stumbled upon something called the “Class Prophecy,” written by a kid named Dan Gertling. It predicted what many of us would be doing in 2010.

Because Gertling was trying to be funny (it wasn’t funny, but this is not Dan’s fault. Nobody is funny at age 18), the predictions weren’t real. For example, he said our basketball star, a gangly 6’9″ center named Larry Glover, would be playing in the NBA. Larry was good people, but well, he had recently signed to play ball at Norkolk State. Not too many pros coming out of that program.

In fact, the only person Dan got right was, well, me. He said I’d be a sports writer, and here I am.

But, if you think about it, is that something to be proud of? On the one hand, I accomplished my dream. Word. But, on the other hand, shouldn’t dreams expand after high school? Is it really such a big deal to do what you wanted to do … when you were pimply, poorly outfitted and lacking confidence? Hell, I had yet to kiss a girl. What did I know about goals?

Maybe the people who haven’t chased their high school goals are better developed than I am. They moved on, moved forward, dreamed bigger, later. Maybe I’m still the loser …


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  1. I think you need to release your high school demonds. It ws 20 years ago…free yourself. Be thankful you knew what you wanted to do at 18. Some of us (wont mention any names) are still searching for our dream..our passion. You are fortunate Jeffery!!! You are successful, you have a beautiful healthy family, a dog who licks your toes, you love what you do (for the most part) Be proud of yourself damit! Let go of the past.

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