Super Bowl

The Super Bowl’s coming! Really, it’s coming! But, just being honest, this is an unexcited as I’ve been in eons. Just don’t care about the Steelers, and only sorta care about the Cardinals. I’d say the big problem is that Super Bowl XXXXIII is not a battle of the NFL’s top best teams—just its two hottest. At best, Arizona ranks fourth or fifth in the NFC, and the Steelers—in my debatable opinion—were lucky the Colts fell and the Pats didn’t qualify. Yes, their defense is killer. But the offense? Blah.

I’m thinking this might have something to do with age. As a kid, I LOVED the Super Bowl. As a teen, I REALLY LIKED the Super Bowl. As an adult, I enjoy the Super Bowl. But once you’ve covered enough big events, you stop seeing them as big deals and start noticing the little men behind the curtains. The lights, the cameras, the fireworks, the dancers—all showbiz. Come day’s in, everyone farts and poops and goes to bed.

Man, I’m a downer.

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  1. Ifeel very similar I think it is a combination of getting older and seeing the man behind the curtain.I still love agrat football game but the the constant breaks for comercials and their seeming to never end length tend to break the momentum built by one team or the other.I just finished boys will be boys and it brought back some of my memories of the cocain eighties.Also I came to Hackensack watch after my 77yr old aunt (my godmother) who is riding the crazy train express of alzhiemers and I thankyou for the mental break your book gave me.I have never bloged before but felt compelled,almodt like I knew you after reading that great book.
    thanks again

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