A worthwhile thought …

Received this e-mail today. Thought it’s a powerful message—worth posting:

Thanks, Lee …


Hey, I’ve been reading your blog and was wondering if you’d be willing to do me a favor. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own online “thing” on a not-so-cheery topic but the more I think about it, I am not sure I’d have enough stuff and it’s likely other sites out there address this.
On January 20, I lost my Mom to advanced liver and gallbladder cancer. She was diagnosed in early September (right after Labor Day) and the last few weeks since her passing I have been living in a fog. Her goal was to make it to my wedding in November and she surpassed that.
People my/our age and colleagues ask how I am doing and all I can do is impart the same unsolicited advice: Have the “talk” with your parents about estates, wills, and so forth. Don’t put it off, thinking that you have time later for it because you may not.
My Mom was the book- and record-keeper of our family. When she died, Dad and I found ourselves lost without a map. It took almost a week to locate the wills and has taken longer to get the required documentation to submit to Social Security, life insurance, Motor Vehicle, banking, etc., because all of these places want difference pieces/copies of information.
In the process of searching for the wills, we found a lot of history that made us laugh, smile, cry, and remember – Mom saved all kinds of things e.g. the Life magazine that was published as a posthumous tribute to JFK; a copy of the mini-magazine celebrating her hometown’s centennial; a homemade photo album of my Dad’s Army service in Germany.
It’s cliched but always remember to hug your parents and let them know you love them. I never expected to be Mom-less at 36 but here I am.
I know this doesn’t fit the topic of your blog but if there’s a way to work it in, I’d appreciate it.