Asshole, thy name is Lady Blue

All writers I know Google themselves. Not all the time, mind you. But after a book comes out or a story comes out. I like to think it’s human nature—you want to know what people are saying. Hard to blame one.

I, for the record, Google myself, too. Not all the time, but somewhat regularly. And when someone blogs about me, I almost always write them. Not to criticize or rip, just to acknowledge. Not sure why—ego? joy? curiosity? But I do.

The other day, I found a blog with a headline, ASSHOLE, THY NAME IS JEFF PEARLMAN. The woman who runs the joint doesn’t identify herself beyond, “Lady Blue,” and she seems to like:

A. The Yankees.

B. Slamming writers.

I’ve got no beef with this (I wrote the John Rocker profile—I’ve been called A LOT worse than “asshole), but I was curious. Hence, I e-mailed her, and we had an exchange, which, again, can be read here.

I invited her to write a defense of ARod, which I will post here, under the title, ASSHOLE, THY NAME IS LADY BLUE …

In defense of Alex?

I can’t defend Alex for his actions. Baby Jesus could make an appearance tomorrow and be unable to defend Alex. Alex can’t even properly defend Alex.

He knew what he was doing. He pulled down his pants and had his cousin inject him with performing enhancing drugs(seriously though, who knows what really happened). He was tested, it came back positive and now a few years later-the whole world knows.
Young and stupid my ass. Though as time goes on I really do believe more and more that Alex is an idiot. Great player, but a mental midget.

But you know what…as I’m typing this…I am sure there is some athlete..somewhere…pulling down their pants and getting something they should not be taking injected into their system. Or maybe they are swallowing something? Who knows.

I guess my point is-who isn’t doing something and where is the outrage for that? Maybe I am just a cynical bitch, but I don’t think there are too many athletes out there that are playing their respective games pure as snow. Baseball, football, basketball-so many are doing something that they are not suppose to and they have been for a while. How many people in the Baseball HOF are totally clean? I really don’t think there are too many to be honest.

This situation that the sport is in right now has been going on for a long time and you know what, it’s gonna continue to go on. There will be new things for people to take and there will be no test for it. Then by the time there is a test developed everyone will have moved on to something else. Just as before people will claim ignorance to what is going on(smirk), then when it comes out, they will scream from the mountain tops about how wrong it was(or maybe that is just for baseball-any other sport no one gives a damn supposedly).

What really gets to me is that the same people who are screaming bloody murder right now about what Alex did had their eyes closed for how many years?? Am I suppose to take all this righteous indignation I see everywhere seriously? Sorry but I don’t. I find it all pretty comical.

With regards to your article-you took issue with Alex’s teammates showing up to his press conference showing their support to him. Um? What were they suppose to do? Show up and throw rocks at him?

Maybe they should have done what Roy Oswalt did: call him out for his actions and scream that his records should be erased? Oh wait, is Oswalt still hugging Miguel Tejada and whispering to him everything is gonna be okay? I wonder if Roy told Tejada that he feels as though Tejada cheated him out of the game?

These people have to play with him. They travel with him. They are a family for better or worse. If they want to succeed, they need him to to well. Let’s face it, Alex is pretty much a mental midget. He probably googles himself, read what people are saying about him and then cries himself to sleep. If this team wants to win they need to outwardly show him support in some fashion. They are not fools. Privately they probably hate his guts, maybe Derek has an Alex voodoo doll he sticks pins in every night. Who knows?

I’m a fan and I want my team to win. That’s pretty much all I care about. Call me selfish, I don’t care. In order for that to happen, Alex needs to do well. I’m at a point where I really don’t give a rats ass about steroids or any PEDs because you know what-it seems to be the norm everywhere. It’s been that way for a while and guess what-it’s not going away no matter what anyone thinks. Take more steroids Alex-but do it around Late Sept/Oct and make sure your dumbass does not get caught! :o)

Wow this is long and I don’t even know if any of this makes any sense to be honest. The ramblings of a crazy woman folks. Oh well. Peace Out!

* I don’t actually consider Lady Blue to be an asshole—just a frustrated sports fan.

3 thoughts on “Asshole, thy name is Lady Blue”

  1. I’ve been called names, too, but there are times when I take pride in it. What’s so wrong with being an asshole? Maybe we need more assholes and less ass-kissers.

    My current boss (unrelated field) used to write for SI many years ago and he still has a passion for sports as well as a disgust for the lazy, non-Verducci types out there… the ones who want to be the best buds of the players, the ones who ask the softball questions, same ones, night after night. Being an asshole sometimes has its merits.

  2. Jeff Pearlman is one of those guys that seeks out (enjoys??) information that will embarrass people to create a story. These people are typically lacking in talent, so sensationalism becomes their “talent.”

    If you do a blanket search of this guys name, you find most negative articles that have, at the center of them, some negative thing to say about the topic.

    I feel sorry for you, Jeff Pearlman.

    Perhaps, someday, somewhere, some lazy author, like yourself, will right a tell all book about Jeff Pearlman to show the world just how self-righteous and void of talent you are.

    Then again, all they need to do is read one of your articles.

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