The luckiest man


Until a few months ago, my neighbor was Joe Lowry, a former character actor who appeared in a bunch of movies. He’s a great guy, and I was very sad when Joe and the gang packed up and moved to San Diego.

Anyhow, this morning I ran into Joe, who’s back in town trying to sell his house. Joe saw me, came running over (he’s in his 70s), shook my hand, “Jeff, how are you! How’s the family!” Really, I love this guy.

He said, “Jeff, I was having dinner with the Cohen’s last night, and we were saying how wonderful your life is. You’re an excellent writer, you have a wonderful family—beautiful wife, great kids. Your life must be wonderful. Just absolutely wonderful!”

I nodded, smiled, shook his hand—then retreated inside, where I spent the next 30 minutes scrubbing the hardened diarrhea out of my dog’s cage.

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