In The Heat of the Night

“You wanna see a great movie?” my dad asked.
Sure, I said.
“Rent, ‘In The Heat of the Night.’ It’s classic.
So last night the wife and I watched ‘In The Heat of the Night,’ circa 1967.
Not a terrible flick, but one that speaks to an unquestionable truth: Most “classic” movies stink. Really, they do. Poor acting, poor directing, horrible music, etc. If it’s pre-1975, odds are you’re in for a long night that will unfold as so:

8 pm: You and the wife pop “In The Heat of the Night” into the DVD player.
8:10 pm: So far, so good. Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger … excellent cast, cool premise (black detective goes to Mississippi to help solve a crime during the 1960s)
8:20 pm: This is getting stupid.
8:40 pm: This is really stupid.
9 pm: Do we still have ‘Pineapple Express’?

I know, Dad—they don’t make ’em like they used to. With class and honor and integrity and … whatever. The movie stunk. Sorry.

9 thoughts on “In The Heat of the Night”

  1. I loved the movie. And I disagree with movies pre-1975 being boring. But I was interested that you thought otherwise.

  2. You’re joking about Pineapple Express, right?? Umm…Poitier and Steiger were tops in this cannot be serious!! Guess you liked “Good Burger” too then??

  3. True,very true. Two examples of “classics” that don’t hold up over time. The French Connection & Rosemary’s Baby. I’ve seen both in the last 3 years. If you suffer from insomnia- watch the “The French Connection” slow, boring; with no pace like todays’ action movies. “Rosemary”? Downright laughable. Laughable. Not scary. Not suspenseful. The only good part is seeing what NYC looked like in the 60’s. Even a movie like “Ghost”, not even 20 years old- shows signs of aging poorly.

  4. [6] NJ MAN, are you serious? The French Connection is an amazing film. It’s sad that people have become unable to follow a film that is not at the intellectual level of Con Air or Fast & the Furious. Even more depressing that people will read high literature and listen to opera but then watch Meg Ryan or the Rock films. Cinema is an art form, try to expand your mind a bit!

  5. OK – just off the top of my head: The Godfathers I and II, Dog Day Afternoon, Dr. Strangelove, Psycho, A Clockwork Orange, the Longest Yard, Deliverance, Spartacus, North By Northwest, Rear Window, the Graduate, Young Frankenstein.

    Yeah, pre-1975 movies are boring. Nailed it.

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