Best Damn


Taped my appearance on the Best Damn Sports Show, which will be airing Wednesday.

Was sad, actually. Have been on the show four times. Always enjoy the experience—the host, Chris Rose, is an excellent guy; the producer, Laura Marcus, is wonderful. It gets me out to Los Angeles, a place I truly love. Yet learned today that, come June, Best Damn will be no more. Canceled. Axed. After seven seasons. Say what you want about the program—silly, inane, etc. (I hate the Hooters stuff they do, a sorta tasteless objectification of women) But they kept it loose and fast (Chris told me it’s been seven years of college), brought in a wide swath of athlete hosts from different sports and, most important (to me) gave authors a voice.

So I’m sad—and I wish the show’s crew well  …

3 thoughts on “Best Damn”

  1. “Tasteless objectification of women” – Dang, man, you are too sensitive for your own good. Hooters, strip clubs and so forth are just as much the relentless exploitation of men’s weaknesses and pocketbooks by women who could otherwise not make a working wage. All’s fair in a capitalistic society.

  2. And I cannot resist making one more observation. While being uber-sensitive on the one hand, you have such a superior, self-centered tone on the other (read: marveling that not all gun-owning Christians in the hinterlands are evil after all; wondering how anyone can have a successful marriage that is not like your own in terms of shared duties).

    I really enjoy most of your work, but you are one perplexing sort. Or, painting with a Pearlman-like broad brush, is it just that everyone in New York is like you?

  3. (And please note that I have not shot a gun in over a decade, am not a Christian, and live in a big city.)

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