The 202nd annual book giveaway


I’m feeling charitable. And sorta bored. So here we go—probably my final book contest for a while. Winner gets a signed copy of the Clemens book, plus a used Jeff Pearlman tissue. E-mail entries to …

1. Name the only two players in Major League history to have 100 hits from both sides of the plate in a single season.

2. What major leaguer with more than 2,000 career hits is from the same hometown as Stan Musial?

3. In Happy Days, who was Spike?

4. In Entourage, what does Justine Chapin supposedly have a tattoo of?

5. Match the character with the sitcom:

A. Skippy          1.Silver Spoons

B. Kraus            2.Diff’rent Strokes

C. Dudley          3. Benson

D. Balki             4. Family Ties

E. Dexter Stuffins       5. Perfect Strangers

6. Who would you rather be: Justin Guarini, Mary Lou Retton or Alfonso Ribeiro? (50 words or less)

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