My latest fan letter


The letter:

I just watched part of the interview you did on Comcast Sportsnet Phiily about your new book concerning Roger Clemens. I could care less about about Clemsens but I do remember you from your book about the Cowboys! Seems to me you are a bit of a leach or a maggot! You latch on to bullshit….yes bullshit and dog people with a bunch of crappy stories to help in your own financial gain. That’s why you wrote about Clemens and the Cowboys…because if you wrote about Jeff Weaver or the Seattle Seahawks nobody would care!!! What I found amusing was Oscar the Grouch look alike Barkann commenting on Emmitt never reading your trash and if Clemens has as well…WHY IN THE HELL WOULD THEY READ THAT SHIT????!!!!! You are just another bald unathletic pussy who seems to make his pecker hard dogging people! You are no better than that fag Skip Bayless! Jealous bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The response:

Thank you very much for the letter, RE: my hard pecker. Although I obviously don’t agree with the points, I appreciate you taking the time to write in and express your opinion. No harm in that.


Jeff Pearlman

PS: RE: your point on Jeff Weaver or the Seattle Seahawks. You’re 100% right. Why would I write books nobody wants to read?