American Idol meets Mike Pagliarulo


OK, American Idol doesn’t meet Mike Pagliarulo. But I thought that header might draw some attention.

The wife and I watch Idol regularly, and tonight pissed me off. “Rock night” was truly lame. Sucky songs, Slash contributing dickus, the four judges babbling away (if they don’t sack either Paula or the other woman after the season ends, they’re on crack). Anyhow, here’s my first Top X list in quite a while—TOP FOUR MOST LIKELY TO WIN THIS SEASON OF IDOL (IN ORDER):

1. Adam Lambert: Yeah, yeah—I know. Too weird, too gay, too [FILL IN THE BLANK] to earn middle America votes. Maybe. But the dude has some astonishing pipes. He irks me with the theatrical garbage but, man, he’s simply that much better than the field. Catherine (my wife) desperately wants to hear him sing Queen. I agree.

2. Danny Gokey: His version of Aerosmith’s Dream On was borderline sludge. I mean, awful. But he’s been terrific all season, and his voice—while not at Lambert’s level—is remarkable. His back story—wife died somewhat recently—is tragic, but has also drawn viewers closer.

kermit3. Kris Allen: I ignored this guy for much of the season; nicknamed him “Muppet” for his tiny build and similar facial expressions to Kermit. But two weeks ago he killed Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard For the Money.” Plus, the ladies like him.

4. Allison Iraheta: It’s not insane to think she might win, but it’s more likely she’s gone tomorrow. Had an OK night, boasts a great voice, is only 17. If I have a label, I sign her. But that doesn’t mean she wins.