This coming Saturday, at 2 pm, I’ll be speaking about books and Roger Clemens at the Mahopac Public Library in my hometown of Mahopac, N.Y. (about an hour north of the city—famous for a lake, 20 pizza joints and former Seattle lefty Dave Fleming).

Makes me think about one of my golden moments of boyhood when, as a first grader, my dazzling artistic abilities carried me to victory in the Mahopac Library Design a Bookmark Contest. My talent clearly overwhelmed the competition …


2 thoughts on “Readman”

  1. You left out the Bellucci brothers! Local wrestling legends … oh, and the Mahopac Inn … and the place you could ride up in a motorboat and get daquiris to go …

    But yeah, Dave Fleming is as good a place to start as any! (That was one hell of a Mahopac HS team).

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