Why do you hate us?


If there’s one thing that’s obvious from running a blog and writing for websites that invite reader comments ( and, it’s that you hate me.

You, being the reader.

Me, being representative of the sports media.


Seriously, why?

All I hear is “You guys suck ass” and “If you idiots were doing this and that …” but I’m at a loss. What have we done so poorly? No, we don’t nail every story. And yes, we make mistakes. But—and I’m being 100-percent serious—what do you want from us? Are we supposed to be die-hard blind loyalists to certain teams, much like many of the bloggers out there? Are we supposed to ignore issues like steroids and HGH, because you deem them unimportant? Do you want longer, more in-depth stories that run 5,000 words? (Because if you do, start subscribing to newspapers again) Do you want short, quick hits? (in my final days at Newsday, I was told we need fewer lengthy pieces, more 250-word hits on Jessica Simpson’s hair. For real) Do you want stuff like this? And this? And this? Because those items most certainly received tons upon tons of hits.

We’re ripped for asking the wrong questions; for taking things too far. We’re ripped for being incompetent. We’re ripped for not writing well; for writing about subjects nobody cares about; for sucking.

So I honestly want to know—what are you so angry with us about? And what does the sports media need to do to get it right?


PS: And how about saving me the “You’re an ass—that’s why we hate you” comments that will inevitably arrive. I’m being seriously—what’s your beef?

PPS: I thought this was very good, and on point. And this is classic.