M-Pac TV


This is random, and has no time element. But it’s pretty funny, and 100-percent true.

During my junior year at Mahopac High School, a bunch of us started a school TV station—M-Pac TV. We taped basketball and baseball games, did play-by-play and interviews, then ran them on the school’s public access station a few hours later. It was killer fun, and after a while we started broadcasting school plays, school rock concerts, etc. We really thought we were on to something—M-Pac TV would be huge! Giant! Killer!

The year after I graduated, M-Pac TV taped a basketball game between Mahopac and someone. The tape was recycled, and had contained a pornographic film. Nobody was aware of this. Alas, when the game ended, there was a few minutes of static and then, well, lots of naked people having wild sex atop barnyard animals.

It was the end of M-Pac TV.