The Fernando Vina joke parade


Was just watching ESPN News, when Fernando Vina—former MLB second baseman and a full-fledged PED user—was asked by his co-host about Manny Ramirez’s return.

1. Did Fernando expect Manny to struggle?

Absolutely not. Manny is a great talent, and after he gets a few swings in he’ll be as good as ever.

2. Did Fernando think Dodger fans would embrace him?

No question. They’ll have the Mannywood signs up in a jiffy. Hey, Manny’s the best!

Seriously, this is such a joke. Vina worked as a commentator before he was outed by the Mitchell Report, and he never offered a peep about steroids and his experiences as a cheater. Now, whenever the issue comes up, he acts as if PED have all the potency of Advil.

This man does not belong in the business.

ESPN should be ashamed.