The Fernando Vina joke parade


Was just watching ESPN News, when Fernando Vina—former MLB second baseman and a full-fledged PED user—was asked by his co-host about Manny Ramirez’s return.

1. Did Fernando expect Manny to struggle?

Absolutely not. Manny is a great talent, and after he gets a few swings in he’ll be as good as ever.

2. Did Fernando think Dodger fans would embrace him?

No question. They’ll have the Mannywood signs up in a jiffy. Hey, Manny’s the best!

Seriously, this is such a joke. Vina worked as a commentator before he was outed by the Mitchell Report, and he never offered a peep about steroids and his experiences as a cheater. Now, whenever the issue comes up, he acts as if PED have all the potency of Advil.

This man does not belong in the business.

ESPN should be ashamed.

4 thoughts on “The Fernando Vina joke parade”

  1. I quit ESPN a while ago for this sort of inane banter. Number one, they’re celebrity hounds and jock sniffers, so there goes any objective criticisms and number two, they’re incapable of expressing themselves without hyperbole.

    I think the final straw for me was a couple years ago when they were amping up for the mlb all-star game and the catch phrase of the year was “5 tool player.” The got so into it that they started using it every thirty seconds or so (the year before the catch phrase was “crooked number”), culminating in the pronouncement that the entire starting lineup was made up of 5-tool players. Is that even possible? Has that ever happened in the history of baseball?

    Anyway, I am extremely pleased so far with MLB network. I have seen them spiral toward hyperbole and actually catch themselves and quickly return to actual criticism and sincerity, as if they recognize that this is what will set them apart from the TMZ of sports reporting, ESPN.

  2. Jeff–really like your blog and agree with your take on the ridiculous Manny-worship from the talking heads on BBTN.

    However, I have to say that Fernando Vina apologized on BBTN after he was outed in the Mitchell Report. It wasn’t a fake apology either…he said something along the lines of “I used PEDs and it was wrong and I’m sorry and I shouldn’t have done it.” I remember being struck about the fact that it was a real apology…not like what Manny did yesterday.

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