All-Star Monday


ESPN boasts a long and prosperous history of butchering events, but it really thrives on the evening before baseball’s annual All-Star Game.

Tonight was no exception.

To begin with, Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg are not celebrities. They host a morning radio show, and belong in the celebrity softball classic as much as Scott Capro* does. Second, Chris Berman needs a new gig. Really, he does. The man’s routine is soooooo old—”Back, back, back, back …”

Please, Chris. Stop.

Third, well, that’s it. Just a quick vent.

* Scott was my roommate at the University of Delaware.

7 thoughts on “All-Star Monday”

  1. Chris Berman, Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips announcing. I mean seriously. I’d love to see a survey of people who had the ability to turn off the sound on their TV’s and what % did. I for one did. I suspect many others did as well.

  2. Does ESPN have secret focus groups no one knows about? Because I’ve never seen a blog post saying “Boy howdy, I still love Chris Berman after all these years.” And yet they keep running him out there.

    Same goes for weepy, “Up Close & Personal” Olympics coverage. The networks must believe SOMEONE out there eats that stuff up, but everyone I’ve ever talked to hates it.

  3. I can understand the Olympics coverage. Most of the athletes people don’t really know and so they give the casual viewer some background info. Its sometimes over the top but I get it.

    I’d love to see info on ESPN focus groups.

  4. Hate home-run derby. Goes on way too long. Announcers are bored by the second round, fans are bored, we watch Erin Andrews interviews while guys are trying to hit home runs, Berman remembers to say his “backbackback” after ball is already in the stands, guys hitting are gassed. Why I watch five minutes of this crap every year, expecting something different, I can’t say. At least it’s only five minutes.

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