Should Michael Jackson Get His Own National Holiday?


So there’s a poll going around Facebook, asking whether Michael Jackson warrants his own national holiday.

I know … I know—it’s only Facebook, self-indulgent land of HERE ARE MY 15 FAVORITE CDs and HOW MANY FRIENDS CAN I LASSO?

But, really, this whole Michael Jackson thing has gone waaaaay too far. The man died more than two weeks ago. He was a wonderful talent, singularly responsible for—along with The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill—my favorite CD of all-time (Thriller). He could dance, he could sing, he could influence fashion. I’ll even agree that he was the latest Elvis. Not exactly the same, but at least in a similar boat.

But a national holiday? Michael Jackson Day?

In my head, I have a list of Americans who deserve days more than Michael Jackson. Here are five:

Brian Sipe.

Anson Williams.

Lucille Bliss (the voice of Smurfette).

Miriam Cohen, my neighbor.

Anyone with a last name that rhymes with an embarrassing word and has to suffer with such throughout childhood. (Quick story: My mom’s maiden name is Herz, pronounced Her-tz. When she was a kid, peers would ask, “How’s your cousin Dick?”)

Michael Jackson doesn’t deserve a holiday. He barely deserved his Staples Center memorial service. Well, deserves is the wrong word. I hated that service. Loathed it. Incredibly over the top, and, then, to have his bawling daughter speak … uhg. Represented everything I despise about celebrity and showbiz; the need for everyone to wear their sadness on their sleeves.


9 thoughts on “Should Michael Jackson Get His Own National Holiday?”

  1. I 100% agree with you about the Michael Jackson service. The worst part is they spend $1.4 million dollars on it. He was a great entertainer but it was all over the top for me.

    I thought it was horrible for them to have his daughter speak. It was her first time in public where her face could be seen clearly (at least that I remember) and she was in no position to speak or describe her feelings. It felt exploitive to me, with the family in the background probably thinking how to use this as a way to further their own careers, trying to use his poor daughter as the one example of genuine emotion over his death at the service.

  2. You stupid ass people need to leave Micheal Jackson alone. I wish he would have learned about white people in the beginning. Your all just upset because the world loved a black man and he did what none of you could have done, BECOME EVEYTHING HE WANTED and even in death you couldn’t stop him. YA YA

  3. I feel, that Michael should get his own holiday. And he has done a lot for our country, he tried, and tried to make this a better place for everyone. He was the best ever. Long live the King of Pop, Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson (8/29/1958-6/25/2009)

  4. The Greatest Entertainer Of Any And All -Times most definitely deserves his own National Holiday,
    plus much more to be quite truthfully honest. And as far as those people on your list deserving a holiday more than The Late King Of Pop, sheesh are you kidding me man? I only say this because it really does sound like you were joking, just like that joke you made about these ole plain people
    on your list deserving a National Holiday named after them just because their name rhymes with an embarrassing word, I would especially say that you saying that your neighbor deserves a ole National Holiday named after her was thee biggest joke of them all. I also know that he as in thee Michael Jackson deserved that Memorial Service at thee Staples Center as well, plus much more. And his daughter’s speech was so very beautiful, warming, unscripted, and thus from thee heart, So I also would really just like to say in conclusion that everything that Michael Jackson received at his ole Memorial Service, was something that he did most definitely so deserve or it was what you could say was A.K.A. Warranted My Man. And As Well Sir I Would Just Like Really To Add To All Of This By Saying To You Again That You Are An Ass, Good Bye My Friend.

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