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Things that I loathe


On the long drive home from upstate, I made a partial list (Would love to hear yours—as long as it doesn’t include, “The writing of Jeff Pearlman”): 🙂

People who wear sunglasses indoors. Indianapolis. Egg beaters. Cell phones at the dinner table. Ball hogs. Traffic. Long lines. Littering. Thoughtless e-mails. Shoveling the driveway. Fine Young Cannibals. Steve Winwood. Gnat swarms. The name “Jason.” Irrational sports fans. The hair that grows on the back of my neck. Anchovies. Olympic gymnastics. Youth sports coaches (the crazy ones). Beige. The movie “AI.” Right-wing Republicanism. Stuart Scott and Chris Berman (not the men, just their acts). Writers who think our jobs are important. The adjective “courageous” to describe a novel. Being edited. Jessica Simpson, her sister and her father. Most reality TV. When I do a radio interview to promote a book and the host begins by saying, “Joe, I haven’t read the book, but …” Being a hypochondriac. My mother’s homemade lasagna. The majority of cats. Public bathrooms. Water glasses with lipstick stains. Mitt Romney. “Maneater” by Hall & Oates. The Richard Todd Era of Jets football. Sticky floors.