The perfect picture


Read the signs. Then read them again. And again. And again.

You are one of the Americans condemning Barack Obama as a “socialist.”

What would you have been saying in the 1960s?

5 thoughts on “The perfect picture”

  1. I’m just as disgusted with this picture and the set of ideals that it represents as anyone out there. I fail, however, to see the correlation between identifying political views as socialist and being a blatant racist. I take exception to the idea that disagreeing with the political ideals of our current political leaders makes me or anyone else a racist. I’m getting a little tired of how touchy many in our society are about any criticism of our current administration. Are there people out there who’s statements are racially motivated? Absolutely. But to paint everyone who disagrees with President Obama’s ideals with that brush is not only unfair, it’s exactly the type of mudslinging and political rhetoric that causes positive political debate to devolve into childish name calling.
    How about we keep the political debate in the realm of substantive discussion and check the name calling at the door.

  2. great stuff, jeff! there is no doubt, as you have mentioned frequently, that we live in an “idiocracy” that is dangerous as well as humorous. my brother’s favorite writer is h l mencken, and apparently when asked why he lived in the u.s., with all of the idiots he loved to skewer, mencken said “i wouldn’t miss this show for the world.” i kind of feel the same way.

    keep up the wonderful work!

  3. James, this actually has nothing to do with Obama, specifically, and everything to do with the dialogue. It doesn’t even have to do with racism—but with scare tactics. The “socialism” cry now is the same as the “communism” cry then. Words, used incorrectly and inappropriately, to scare.

  4. I am real tired of people who begin with, “I, too, am disgusted with (fill in the blank) and immediately follow with “but…”. Everything they believe needs to be qualified, rationalized, justified. The picture posted is obvious in its meaning and the parallels to what’s going on today are equally obvious.

  5. Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more that the scare tactics and name calling employed by both sides is reaching ridiculous proportions. I’m absolutely positive that our political viewpoints are diametrically opposed, but that’s not really the point. I think the idea here is that it would be nice if people could express their political views on their own merits rather than resorting to defamation of their opposite number. I’d say both sides are equally guilty on that count.

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