George W. Bush—OK with me

Bush Obama

If I’ve ever written a nice thing about George W. Bush, well—no. I haven’t. Never.

Today, that changes. Unlike his veep, the former president has shown great restraint—and class—in not ripping the current administration. It’s behavior very becoming of a former president, and behavior neither Jimmy Carter nor Bill Clinton never extended their predecessors. I can’t imagine what it was like to be Bush during the election, as well as now: Slammed, slammed, slammed, slammed, slammed. He was a punching bag. Still is a punching bag. Yet he’s displayed remarkable class and decency, and it should be noted.

To be honest, I never thought George W. Bush to be a horrible man. A horrible president? Yes. But his greatest sin, I’d argue, was what many thought to be his greatest strength—his judgment of others. Bush selected lousy cabinet members, then listened to them, even as their thoughts and ideas were shown to be greatly flawed. In hindsight, I wish he would have selected, oh, a Kay Bailey Hutchison or John McCain as VP. Maybe things would have turned out different.

Not perfect or ideal. But, at least, different.


3 thoughts on “George W. Bush—OK with me”

  1. I am not convinced that, with W, restraint=class and decency.Obama has become the punching bag now, and W has an abundance of surrogates doing the punching. W can sit back and reflect on how “presidential” he is without getting his hands dirty; in fact, without doing anything at all except rewrite history in an abortive attempt to burnish his so-called legacy.

  2. Dubya did plenty of very bad things with full knowledge of what was going on. Let’s not start rewriting history just because he’s had the decency to stay quiet for a few months.

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