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Another one bites the dust …

I am shocked! Shocked! Another right-wind conservative Christian gets caught lovin’ the ladies.
This, of course, has nothing to do with political ideology (Republican men … Democratic men—they all like las chicas) and everything to do with power. Power corrupts. Power emboldens. Power makes men think they can get away with anything. Everything. This never seems to happen with women, because women, well, aren’t pathetic. But men are—especially men in politics. With secretaries. Hot secretaries. Hot, young secretaries. Ones who look like Sarah Michelle Gellar. Buffy years.

In the coming days, this man—who has already resigned—will hold a press conference. He will cry. He will ask for forgiveness. He will pose with his wife. She will stand stoically. She won’t touch him. She won’t look at him. She will stand there and watch. And then, three weeks later, she will leave him for Tony, the bouncer from the nearby strip club.

God is good.