*Nov 24 - 00:05*

When I first saw Lenny Dysktra on HBO’s Real Sports, my initial reaction was, “Hmm … this makes absolutely no sense.”

It’s not that ex-athletes can’t be successful businessmen and business-women. It’s that Lenny Dykstra can’t be one. Having researched Dykstra extensively for The Bad Guys Won!, it was pretty clear that this wasn’t an especially intelligent, or ethical, man. He was a ridiculously bad better; an immature oaf, a guy who cheated on his wife with staggering regularity. The idea of Lenny Dykstra turning into Bill Gates? Laughable. The idea of Lennt Dykstra turning into a 10-cent con? Easy to see.

Hence, it was no surprise to hear yesterday that Dykstra recently filed for bankruptcy, saying he owed more than $31 million—and that he possessed roughly $50,000 in assets. The man is so sad that he’s pawning off his 1986 World Series championship ring, as well as the mini trophy each player received.

As a human, I sort of hope Dykstra rots for this one. He took advantage of a LOT of people, including close friends and family members.

As a media member, I think Real Sports (and, specifically, Bernard Goldberg) have to take a bullet on this one. It’s a tremendous show, but somehow they bought Dykstra’s BS without digging especially far below the surface. It happens, obviously. But this was a pretty egregious whiff on character judgment.

Ah, Nails …