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When I first saw Lenny Dysktra on HBO’s Real Sports, my initial reaction was, “Hmm … this makes absolutely no sense.”

It’s not that ex-athletes can’t be successful businessmen and business-women. It’s that Lenny Dykstra can’t be one. Having researched Dykstra extensively for The Bad Guys Won!, it was pretty clear that this wasn’t an especially intelligent, or ethical, man. He was a ridiculously bad better; an immature oaf, a guy who cheated on his wife with staggering regularity. The idea of Lenny Dykstra turning into Bill Gates? Laughable. The idea of Lennt Dykstra turning into a 10-cent con? Easy to see.

Hence, it was no surprise to hear yesterday that Dykstra recently filed for bankruptcy, saying he owed more than $31 million—and that he possessed roughly $50,000 in assets. The man is so sad that he’s pawning off his 1986 World Series championship ring, as well as the mini trophy each player received.

As a human, I sort of hope Dykstra rots for this one. He took advantage of a LOT of people, including close friends and family members.

As a media member, I think Real Sports (and, specifically, Bernard Goldberg) have to take a bullet on this one. It’s a tremendous show, but somehow they bought Dykstra’s BS without digging especially far below the surface. It happens, obviously. But this was a pretty egregious whiff on character judgment.

Ah, Nails …

4 thoughts on “Dykstra”

  1. Jim Cramer called him “one of the greats.”

    Of course this story was dubious. Like Enron, and the recent housing boom, so much of this stuff is pretty easy to discern with common sense. Unfortunately, the markets and so much of our current economic philosophy in America is about getting people to set common sense aside in favor of unprincipled, wild-eyed greed.

    Dykstra. Jesus, didn’t anyone read Moneyball?

  2. When Lenny first got to Philly they were in Pittsburgh and a close female friend of mine was staying in the same hotel….Lenny wanted her, and she wanted no part of him…he started banging on her door at about 4Am demanding she let him in, with the cries of, “it’s Lenny, you have to let me in”, hotel security had to escort him to his room.

    He is a douchebag…..who deserves to rot.

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