Tonight: A real, in-the-flesh Jeff Pearlman showing (uh, yeah)


Elimination Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Be An

Mets Fans Stay United at Their Home
Away From Home for Road Games

NEW YORK — The Mets are officially out of it, but their fans are officially into AMAZIN’ TUESDAYS, the monthly gathering of Mets fans communing for literary readings, game watching, consciousness raising, pizza eating, Rheingold drinking, cocktail shaking, Yankee baiting, memorabilia gawking, and seven steps support as needed.

Two Boots’ third and final AMAZIN’ TUESDAY is comin’ up September 15, 7:00 PM, when the Mets are in Atlanta, attempting to force Chipper Jones into early retirement. Even if he doesn’t cooperate on the big screens, the pizza, beer and Mets talk will be enough to make even ol’ Larry palatable.

Bringing you this edition of AMAZIN’ TUESDAY will be Greg Prince, author and co-blogger of Faith and Fear in Flushing, and Jon Springer, co-author and creator of Mets By The Numbers. In addition to sharing their Mets-soaked thoughts, they will welcome two distinguished writers who have also been known to work in blue and orange ink: Jeff Pearlman, noted journalist and author of the classic 1986 revisitation The Bad Guys Won, and John Coppinger, founder of the regularly brilliant blog Metstradamus.

No setting could be more ideal for such a spiritual gathering than Two Boots Tavern, as proven by the previous editions of this series of reading, rooting and Rusty Staub contemplation. Two Boots owner Phil Hartman specializes in drinks and pies that pay homage to the great Mets of the past, and if his walls could talk, they’d surely shout “Let’s Go Mets!” Per Phil’s passion, not only is admission free, but so is the first beer, provided you donate a Mets baseball card.

The Two Boots restaurants and pizzerias have been a bastion for Mets fans for 22 years. Each of the ten locations features not only unique Cajun-Italian pizza and a convivial atmosphere but the Two Boots talisman — a framed photo of Mookie Wilson, Keith Hernandez and The Count (from Sesame Street). At the new Two Boots Tavern, highlights include a Hubie Brooks subway poster from the early 1980s, and a shrine to Bill Buckner. For AMAZIN’ TUESDAYS, the first beer is free, in exchange for any Mets baseball card (even Bobby Pfeil’s).

Phil’s hi-def TVs will, as always, will be tuned to the Mets game. Real Mets fans know the season, no matter how over, is never over until it’s over.


Date: Tuesday, September 15

Location: Two Boots Tavern, 384 Grand Street (@ Suffolk St.), 212-228-8685

Time: 7:00 PM

Admission: Free; also first drink free in exchange for any Mets baseball card.

Hosts: Greg Prince, Faith and Fear in Flushing and Jon Springer, Mets By The Numbers

Featuring: Jeff Pearlman, author, The Bad Guys Won and John Coppinger, Metstradamus

Pizza of the Night: The Pig (andouille, pepperoni and soppressato with sliced tomatoes) a triple play of flavor for longtime bullpen coach Joe Pignatano — who hit into a triple play to end his career before it was fashionable

Drink of the Night: The Kosher Kid (a concoction of Sambuca floating on top of Bailey’s), a pre-High Holy Days salute to Shawn Green

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