My life needs a soundtrack



Life would be so much more meaningful if only—like a TV show—there was mood music eternally playing in the background.

This thought initially entered my head long ago, but I actually thought about it two weeks back, when Peter Vecsey gave his dreadful speech at the Basketball Hall of Fame. After Ernie Johnson announced his name, Vecsey approached the stage with this honorable, soaring classical music playing in the background. It gave an elegance to the whole thing—the regal scribe, decked out in a new suit, swaggering toward the stage to take his place among the immortals. Dun-duh! Dun-dun-dun-dah!

Then, the music stopped and Vecsey began talking. Bummer.

Dear God, if you give me music—eternal music—I promise to never open my mouth again. I’ll let the tunes carry me through life. When I’m especially euphoric—some Motown classic, straight out of Stepmom (for the record, this scene makes me want to vomit). When I’m pensive, hmm, maybe a dark Killers tune. And when I’m feeling tough … challenged … up for a fight—this will do every single time.

3 thoughts on “My life needs a soundtrack”

  1. If “Human” sounds dark to you, Jeff, what do you think of Metallica?

    I totally agree on the eternal soundtrack sentiment, though it is a vestige of a civilization raised on movies and total musical saturation.

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