If my kids are gay

Just watched the above advertisement. Now I would like to vomit.

To begin with, the woman in the ad is a private school teacher who has been an outspoken opponent against gays, civil rights, etc. Second, why shouldn’t second graders know that two men and two woman can be together? Factually, they can be together.

Mostly, I’m sick of this gay fear thing still running strong in this country. Too often, the anti-gay machine marches on with this whole if-kids-learn-about-gays-they-might-eventually-catch-The-Gay argument. It’s dumb, flawed, annoying. But mostly, it’s horribly moronic. I’m a straight 37-year-old father of two kids, and you wanna know something? If either/both are gay, I won’t be bothered one iota. Seriously, not one single iota. I will love and embrace and accept them just as I would if they were straight. See, what’s off in the dialogue here is that, in asking, “What if your kid is gay?” we’re emphasizing that something is actually wrong with being gay. And truth is, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s who someone is, and nothing more. But we demonize … terrify … criticize—and, after enough time, people start to fear this unknown horror that is homosexuality.

Anyhow, I’m babbling. But this infuriates me, and not enough straight people speak out on the issue.