Says it all


So Obama pitched for the Chicago Olympics, and it didn’t work. Rio won, which is cool—great city, supposedly, and the first time the Games will be played in South America. Well deserved.

What strikes me as, well, nauseating is the reaction among right wingers to the news. Literally, they celebrated. Not all of them, mind you. But Rush Limbaugh. And Glenn Beck. And a slew of others who saw the rejection as a blissful turn in the political game they call life. Never mind that the Olympics would have been great for the U.S.; or that Chicago would have reaped great financial benefits at a time when the country sure could use ’em. Never mind that an Olympics in America is, for lack of a better word, great. Amazing. Killer.

It was a chance for the right boobs to gloat—and they did.


This is what we’ve come to in the U.S.—left and right. It’s not about the good of our people. It’s about political gain and capital.

PS: Here’s a fun website. Worth checking out.