Please welcome … yoooouuur St. Louis Bushes


Rush Limbaugh wants to buy the St. Louis Rams.

He’s teaming up with Dave Checketts, owner of the St. Louis Blues (they’re a hocket team), in an effort to take over managing control of the league’s most dreadful franchise.

Although I’m a Limbaugh loather of the greatest degree, I believe the move could be quite revolutionary. Under Limbaugh, the Rams will certainly …

• Field the league’s only all-white roster.

• Ban butt pats and celebratory hugs between players.

• Hire Glenn Beck as GM.

Oh, hell. This isn’t funny. I hate Limbaugh. Hate him. I hate his beliefs, I hate his delivery, I hate his approach. If I’m the NFL and I have any sort of say in league owners, I turn ol’ Rush down in a second. This isn’t Woody Johnson, the arch-conservative Jets owner whose views are relatively obscure. This is Limbaugh—America’s most alienating political figure. Wanna lose a huge chunk of your fan base?

Put him in charge and watch …

5 thoughts on “Please welcome … yoooouuur St. Louis Bushes”

  1. I dislike Limbaugh and his ilk just as much as you do, but I doubt people will stop going to the games. I doubt if there are too many liberals that own football teams. Rush will fit right in with the rest of them. If the team does well fans will fill up the place.

  2. I was a Rams fan when they were in L.A. I grew up in SoCal. When they moved to St. Louis, I tried to maintain interest but that waned. If Limbaugh becomes their co-owner, I will root against them with a vengeance. I don’t use the word “hate” often, except in Limbaugh’s case I gladly make an exception.

  3. He was the PR guy for the Kansas City Royals for a few years. So that’s a plus for him.

    Another plus for him is having unlimited access to the team doctors and their medicine cabinets.

    Free Hillbilly Heroin for the ol’ Rushter!

  4. Remember he was fired a few years ago from ESPN because of comments he made about Donovan McNab that were considered racially insensitive. I thought the NFL incluenced that. Will he now be approved as an owner?

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