Please welcome … yoooouuur St. Louis Bushes


Rush Limbaugh wants to buy the St. Louis Rams.

He’s teaming up with Dave Checketts, owner of the St. Louis Blues (they’re a hocket team), in an effort to take over managing control of the league’s most dreadful franchise.

Although I’m a Limbaugh loather of the greatest degree, I believe the move could be quite revolutionary. Under Limbaugh, the Rams will certainly …

• Field the league’s only all-white roster.

• Ban butt pats and celebratory hugs between players.

• Hire Glenn Beck as GM.

Oh, hell. This isn’t funny. I hate Limbaugh. Hate him. I hate his beliefs, I hate his delivery, I hate his approach. If I’m the NFL and I have any sort of say in league owners, I turn ol’ Rush down in a second. This isn’t Woody Johnson, the arch-conservative Jets owner whose views are relatively obscure. This is Limbaugh—America’s most alienating political figure. Wanna lose a huge chunk of your fan base?

Put him in charge and watch …