accept the fact : a high power does exist!


In response to my last post on the car accident, a reader wrote, “accept the fact : a high power does exist!”

For the record, despite some of my anti-organized religion posts, I’m certainly not against faith … belief … etc. It’s a viable way of thinking, and I’d lie to say I never internally debate the merits of some sort of God.

That said, I’m sort of baffled by the religious reaction many people have to the survival of a car accident; that God’s hand had to have contributed to my existence.

To begin with, why would God have my car totaled? Why would he have me spinning on the New Jersey Turnpike? I know … I know—some would argue it’s a test of my faith, or his way of showing me he exists. But, if you think about it, that’s a pretty odd way. Why not just knock on my door? Write a letter? A fruit basket with a brief note—I’M HERE. LOVE, GOD.

Also, what about all those people who die in car accidents? God spares Jeff Pearlman but kills Mike Muuss? And Thomas Dillon? And Anthony Depula? And countless others? It makes no sense—strikes me as completely random, not proof that someone is looking out for me. Hell, nobody was looking out for Ann Goldstein, my great aunt who died at age 8.

Anyhow, just a thought.

5 thoughts on “accept the fact : a high power does exist!”

  1. Rick: I think it’s because he is referring to a specific god, mainly the Judeo-Christian god. I’m and atheist and I still capitalize “God” when I’m talking (well, writing) about the Judeo-Christian one. It’s just proper grammar.

    But I won’t speak for Mr. Pearlman.

  2. People love to point out that surviving something tragic or overcoming incredible odds is “proof” of god’s — I mean, God’s — existence. I’ve never understood that, with the thousands of inexplicable tragedies that happen every week. Of course, when I point that out, folks love to say, “God works in mysterious ways,” which really translates to, “We don’t have a clue, but this is the best we can come up with.” Jeff, you got lucky, plain and simple. You already appreciated life, and now, you probably appreciate it quite a bit more. God saved you? Not bloody likely.

  3. And might I add, I give Jeff a lot of credit for not being all “God Almighty I have seen the light! Gays, Socialists and other enemies of Glen Beck must be vaporized from this Earth!”

    Thank you.

  4. jeff : as the writer of ” a higher power exist ” I was not trying to say, his presence is their to micro manage your life. Rather when you walk outside and catch the sunrise / witness the smile of your wife when looking at your children is when that spritial power exists, Glad, I could be made fun of. But in the mean time, hug your wife/children and listen to those moments, you might hear something.

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