The best tattoo I’ve ever seen


Was in the supermarket tonight. Kid behind the register was probably 19. Maybe 20. Brown curly hair, palish skin, wide eyes, easy smile. He had a small tattoo on his left wrist. No design, just these words in blue:


I looked at it. Said to him, “What’s your tattoo mean?”

“Those,” he said, “are the last words my father said to me.”


3 thoughts on “The best tattoo I’ve ever seen”

  1. I may be dense this morning, but is this a positive or negative?

    As in- Fly a kite, kid- have some fun, be a kid?

    Or as in- Fly a kite, kid- get away from me?

  2. Kirk, Good question (positive/negative?). When I first read it, I thought of the dad telling him to “be a kid,”since it doesn’t say “Go.” Heartwarming. I guess if Jim didn’t ask whether it was positive or negative, we are all assuming…

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