Suzanne’s Fund


I graduated from Mahopac High School in 1990 with a student named Suzanne Dolson.

We weren’t close friends, but we shared a few classes together. Nice girl—friendly, warm, enthusiastic, etc.

Today I was directed to this site, Suzanne’s Fund.

Turns out Suzanne, age 37, is battling Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Large Cell Lymphoma—a blood cancer that typically affects older men. To pull from the website, “Unfortunately her condition has progressed more quickly than expected. Suzanne underwent 4 months of chemotherapy treatment for the CLL and sadly it was determined that her body was not responding to treatment. She learned that she has a rare genetic mutation that renders her highly resistant to the FDA approved treatment plan for CLL, making treatment especially difficult for this disease.”

This is a woman with two young children and mounting medical expenses.

If you’re looking to directly impact someone in a very positive way, here’s an excellent opportunity to do so