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Because of Whitlock’s column, I had the misfortune of reading Charles Pierce‘s review of Bill Simmons’ new book. Here it is.

The piece perfectly sums up why I see Pierce’s name and always—without exception anymore—move on to the next story. Smug. Snide. Arrogant. Dismissive. As I said earlier, I have no problem with Whitlock ripping other writers, because he calls us out on legitimate issues. We might not always—ever—agree with his take, but it’s rarely under the I’m-a-better-writer-than-you-and-now-I’ll-prove-it-by-using-unnecessarily-large-words heading. Pierce’s review, on the other hand, can be broken down thusly:

A. Bill Simmons’ book has sold more in a week than all of mine have combined.

B. That makes me angry, because intelligent people surely realize I can use longer words than Bill Simmons.

C. There are too few intelligent people in the United States.

D. But, even if that’s the case, I hate this book because it’s dumb, and I’m smart.

E. Really, I’m smart. I am!

I haven’t read Simmons’ book, though I surely will. I like some of what he does, dislike some of what he does, love some of what he does. Factually, he’s an excellent writer, and a guy I respect.


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  1. Agreed.
    I never always agree with Jason Whitlock, but we’re lucky to have him.
    And I love what Bill Simmons does. His new book is fun and will start conversations that weren’t there before. It’s not as well-written as, say, David Halberstam’s “Breaks of the Game”, but what is?

    Charlie Pierce’s write-up, however, came off as a massive tool with an axe to grind against Simmons. He sounds like such a curmudgeon. Everything in the column was overly dismissive, petty (over the David Foster Wallace footnotes or how Halberstam wouldn’t talk about race when Simmons is naturally more funny and can do that in a way that Halberstam couldn’t), and dead wrong (Simmons DESTROYED any argument there was for Wilt-Russell). His one good line poked fun at Simmons’ Vegas columns and comparing him to Anthony Michael Hall.

    You can tell that Simmons is definitely upset with Pierce too. After Jason Whitlock said that Pierce’s Tiger column is the “Worst column i’ve ever read”, Simmons said back, “Whitlock, for once I think you are understating it”

    It will be interesting to see if Pierce responds.

  2. Oh yeah. And Pierce is a douche. Amazing that on a day Pearlman blogs about an innocuous comment getting him run out of a job and a town, he blogs about this moron who uses a book review to rant against someone more successful than him. Weird how standards have changed, huh?

  3. Pierce was wrong on a lot of levels, and apparently has an axe to grind with Simmons.

    However, he was right to call out Simmons on two things:

    1) The “Secret” of the book is something trite and idiotic.

    2) Simmons went on for pages about how nervous he was to meet Isaiah Thomas after ripping him. Reporters deal with that all the time. Shut up, Simmons.

    Other than that, I loved the book, and I’m a Wilt guy. But I can’t argue he deserves no higher than 6th.

  4. Simmons book is great…read it twice…..and he is easily the one sportswriter (next to Mariotti) that gets killed on a regular basis…

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