You bought a f***ing dress!?

Has anyone else seen the above commercial? Utterly inane.

Just to recap. Couple saves up their credit card points. Husband is psyched—we can go on vacation! We can go dancing at some cool outdoor cafe! We can take a boat out into the Bay! We can eat at some amazing restaurant!

Uh, the wife says, we can’t.

No, replies the husband. Of course we can! We’ve been saving up these points forever! I’ve been waiting for this! And waiting! And waiting! And waiting! Hell, if I play this thing right I might even get laid!

No, says the wife, we really can’t—because I used all of our points on this dress!!!!

In the commercial, the dude smiles.

In real life—and this comes speaking as a husband—I’m f*&^ing livid. Livid! B****, are you f***ing kidding me!? Are you f***ing kidding? I’ve been working this no-good desk job for f***ing 10 years to cobble together some money, and you buy a f***ing dress!? Is this some sort of f***ing joke?

And then I call these dudes. And I sue for everything.

Absolutely everything.